Musesurvey Privacy Policy

Musesurvey Privacy Policy

Arts Links INC. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “we” or “us” or “our”) drafts this Privacy Policy (hereinafter as “Policy”) in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data and privacy, to help you understand how we collect, process or use your personal information when we provide Musesurvey service (hereinafter as “Service”).  This Policy also contains important regulations about your privacy protection.  Please read this Policy carefully.

The Policy applies to the collection, processing, and use of your personal data when you use the Service, but does not include other sites linked through the Service.  The protection of personal data applies to the privacy policy of each individual websites or service. 

We reserve the right to change the Policy at any time.  By continuing to use our products, applications, service and websites under this Policy, you accept all of our changes to this Policy, and we may from time to time change this Policy and make it available in the website. 
The Policy is a part of the Musesurvey Terms of Use, and shall be subject to the Terms of Use .

The information we collect
1. Your activities and information that you have provided to us.
(1) When you register as a member of our Service, we will collect your following information:
  •  Personal identification.  For example: name, title, communication and residence address, office address, previous address, home telephone number, cell phone number, network platform application account, photo, E-mail address, digital signature, serial number of  certificate card, serial number of certificate, network identification certificate or record of search application services and other information that can identify an individual and so on.
  •  Personal description.  For example: age, gender, date of birthday, place of birth, nationality, and so on.
  • Occupational information.  For example, name of school principal, name of elected representatives, or other occupations.
  • School records.  For example, name of university, college, or other schools.
  • Professional expertise.  For example, experts, academics, , consultants, and so on.
  • Revenue, income, assets and investment information.  For example, total revenue, total income, earned revenue, earned income, assets, savings, beginning and ending date, the earnings from revenue, the earnings from investment, the expenses of properties, etc.
(2) We also record your type of order, and collect, access the information in your cookie, software and hardware properties, and your                   websites browsing history.

2. Payment and related Information 
  • When you use our trial service or payment functions, or purchase products through our Service, the third-party may collect and store your credit card information and other financial data when handling the payment process.  We may collect some limited information, such as user’s postal code, cell phone number, the detail of transaction history.
  • Besides, the third-party payment processor may also provide us with some limited information relating to the user, including the unique markings in their databases which allows you to buy more products, user’s credit card type, expiration date, the last 4 numbers and so on.  If you choose to receive an invoice for your purchase, we may need to collect more information, such as user’s name, date of birth, and telephone number, etc., and transfer this information to our invoice-issuing department for its credit check and sending of the invoice to the user.
3. Device information.
  • Technical data: Including the URLs where the user accesses to our website, the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, unique identifier of the product, internet and computer performance, browser type, language and identity data, transactional information capable of digital management, operating system, version of Musesurvey Application and so on.
  • Mobile device data: While using our Service, we may receive and record the type and version of your mobile device, the UDID/Device ID, your location data, and the detail of your search information.

4. Information provided by third-party partners.
We will receive information about you and your activities from third-party partners, such as the information about your experience and interaction with advertisers .

How we use this information
1. The information we collect will be used for the purpose of marketing (including, financial holdings co-marketing), lawful trading of personal data, consumer, customer management and service, consumer protection, business and technical information, domestic and foreign affairs exchange, national economic development, accounting management and credit trading, procurement and supply management, industry and academic cooperation, intellectual property rights, optical disk management and other related administrative, telecommunication and value-added network business, information service, information and database management, online shopping and other electronic commercial services, advertisements or other commercial management, investigation, statistics and research analysis, legitimate collection and use of natural person’s data, academic research. 

2. In addition to agreeing to let us handle and use your personal data within the scope of the aforementioned paragraph, you agree that:
  • We may cooperate with third-party such as performance guarantee institution, auxiliary trust institution, or outsourcing manufacturer (hereinafter as “Service Suppliers”) to support the management of our membership, customer inquiries, identification, cash flow, marketing promotion and so on.  Our Service Providers shall be bound by the contract and must protect all the personal information we provide, and shall not use these personal data for any purposes other than to perform the services entrusted by us.
  • In case when the judicial institution considers it necessary for the safety of the public or that someone may violate the Terms or cause harm or impede the rights of Musesurvey or Musesurvey’s user or the third-party’s right, we may, after reasonable discretion, process, use and disclose relevant information in a legal manner as necessary to recognize, contact or take legal actions against that person when we are requested by lawful authorities or other government institutions in accordance with the law.
3. The place where the information will be used: The location or locality of Service Providers’ personal information host, the relevant network server host as well as locality of our Service, of Service Providers, as well as the locality related to series or commodity distribution or marketing.   In addition, to the extent that is necessary for providing our Service, we may transmit the collected information to places outside the Republic of China (Taiwan), or process the collected information outside the territory of Republic of China (Taiwan).

4. The period when the information will be used: Beginning from the time you use the Service up to the date we terminate the Service.

How you can manage or delete your information ?
  1. According to Personal Data Protection Act, you can inquire, read, copy, print, add or amend your personal information, or you may contact our customer service through letter, telephone, fax, and ask for a copy of your personal information, apply for discontinued collection, processing or using the information, or to delete the information.  However, once you have applied for discontinued collection, processing or use, we will no longer be able to provide you with the Service and you may also lose your membership.
  2. If you want to require, review or request for a copy of your membership registration from us, we may charge you the necessary costs.  You should fill up the application documents personally and we may request you to provide the identification documents.  If you are entrusting the application to another (the agent), he/she should present your letter of appointment and his/her as well as your identification documents.

How we protect your information
  1. Other than the matters agreed upon in this Policy, we will not use the information for other purposes, or sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to any groups or individuals without your prior consent.
  2. Based on the specifications of iOS/android for UDID/Device ID for developers, once you reset your UDID/Device ID, our Service will no longer generate sufficient associations between your new and old UDID/device ID, and the relevant record and data of your old UDID/device ID will disappear.
  3. All membership data will be stored electronically in the database of our Service system.  If you apply to withdraw your membership, we will delete your personal data within 10 working days after receipt of your application.
  4. Each financial transaction you made through our Service will be protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit security encryption processing. We can guarantee you that you will receive the greatest protection of your transaction information.

If you have any comments or questions about this Policy, please contact us by email at [email protected]

Last modification of Musesurvey Privacy Policy: September 15, 2017