An Introduction

MuseuSurvey was developed with the assistance of academics and experts in the fields of cultural statistics and museums.

It provides professional expertise on cultural participation surveys and information needed for institutional management, serving various cultural and art institutions such as museums, art museums, historical sites, cultural and creative parks etc By conducting visitor surveys our service helps to reducing administrative costs and improve operational efficiency.

Steps for Creating

MuseSurvey provides paying members with default questionnaires which make it possible for cultural and artistic institutions to survey the visitors they attract. Customers can also devise their own questionnaire, with no limit to the number of questions or number of questionnaires.

Follow these steps to complete your questionnaire design. Before the questionnaire is “open to answers” the questions asked can be revised, but once the “open to answers” function has been selected, the system does not allow the questions to be revised to avoid impacting comparative analysis. The fives steps to create a questionnaire are:

Step-1 Additions to basic questionnaire data
Step-2 Determine questionnaire questions (can chose default questionnaire or self-drafted questionnaire)
Step-3 Order questionnaire questions and remove unwanted questions
Step-4 Select questionnaire color
Step-5 Questionnaire completed

Click the “Start New Questionnaire” dialogue box in the lower right area of the “Questionnaire Management” section to learn how to develop a questionnaire.


1. How long should the reference period for a cultural participation audience review be?
The UNESCO Institute for Statistics suggests that cultural participation surveys should focus on the preceding 12 months or previous year. For example, how many times have you visited the museum/art museum over the past 12 months?

2. Age differentiation of survey sample
It is suggested that age groups in the survey sample should be differentiated as 5-10 year groups. Countries adopt different minimum survey ages; 12, 15, 16 etc. The rest should be differentiated based on the following principles:

Under 14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-64, 65 and above (standard differentiation in MuseSurvey default questionnaire) or under 14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 65 and above.

3. Place of residence
Place of residence surveys use postal codes to facilitate wider use. For example, three digit postal codes focus on the scope of the sample on rural towns and cities. Alternatively, different numbers shift the focus to counties and cities, north, south, east, west etc. This allows for more detailed analysis.

Default Questionnaire

MuseSurvey provides a default questionnaire to meet the needs of a wide range of cultural and art institutions for audience surveys. Default questionnaires do not permit the addition or removal of questions.

Default questionnaires have 33 questions. The choice of these questions is based on the following principles:
.Six questions on visitor behavior
.16 IPA questions on institution hardware/software and service personnel
.Three questions on overall level of satisfaction, repeat visits and willingness to recommend to others
.Eight questions on population related statistical variables.

Default questionnaires have 18 core questions directed at the services provided by cultural and art institutions. None of these can be removed and are broadly able to meet the needs of various institutions. An additional 15 questions are optional and can be selected depending on the particular needs of the institution. Default questionnaires can add additional questions based on an institution’s needs with no limit imposed.

IPA Analysis

IPA (Importance-Performance Analysis) can be used to better understand and compare the different degree of importance visitors attach to hardware/software and service personnel at cultural and art institutions before visiting and their level of satisfaction after visiting. The results of such analysis can be used as a priority reference point when seeking to improve service quality

IPA first calculates average values for degree of importance and satisfaction for each individual question and inputs those values into a two-dimensional matrix. It then uses the relative position of importance and satisfaction for individual questions to depict the performance of a particular service as a basis for making proposals on how to achieve improvements.

The MuseSurvey default questionnaire has 16 questions to choose from to meet the needs of different institutions. If you choose “Self Design Questionnaire” you can choose as many as 15 IPA questions. An IPA schematic is shown below:

Membership Services

Register as a non-paying MuseSurvey member and start your own questionnaire. Follow the steps below:
.Click “Register” in the upper right area of the homepage.
.Fill in Email, password and the name of user or museum.
.Please read and agree (by selecting) the statement on service conditions and privacy.
.Fill in the graphic verification and click “Register.”
.After successfully registering the system sends an “Account Established” notification email. Follow the procedure outlined to activate the account and you are an official member.
.If you do not receive an “Account Established” notification email, it could have been mistaken for spam so please check your trash

Membership upgrades
MuseSurvey members can upgrade to paid membership which is divided into standard membership and VIP membership. If you would like to upgrade please follow the steps below:
.Click “Sign In” in the upper right part of the homepage to access your account. After doing that click “Upgrade.”
.Choose Standard Membership or VIP Membership products and click “Upgrade Immediately” and after confirming “Pay.”
.Fill in the bill and complete the payment process to upgrade your membership status.

Forgot account number
MuseSurvey account numbers are the email you initially set up. If you forget your account number then please click “Contact Us” on the lower left part of the homepage and customer service staff will assist you.

Forgotten Password
If you forget your MuseSurvey password you need to set a new password. Please follow the steps below:
.Click “Sign In” in the upper right area of the homepage
.Click “Forgotten Your Password?” on the Sign In page
. After filling in you Email and graphic verification click “Send” and the system will send you a “Password Resetting” email.
.Click the link in the mail to reset your password.
.Use you new password to sign in.

Change password
To change you MuseSurvey password please follow the steps below:
.Click “Sign In” in the upper right area of the homepage to access your account then press “Account Management.”
.Type in a “New Password” and confirm it before pressing “Send” to complete the setting of the new password.

Method of Payment
Credit card:
.After completing MuseSurvey registration, signing in and choosing a paying member product, select “Pay by Credit Card” and fill in your credit information on the webpage.
.After successfully paying with a credit card online, your user rights will be made available within 10~15 minutes and the system will send you a “User Rights Authorization Email.”

ATM Transfer:
.After completing MuseSurvey registration, signing in and choosing a paying member product, select “ATM Transfer” and the webpage will give you a dedicated transfer account number. The system will then send you an “Order Received” payment notification email asking you to use an ATM to transfer the funds.
.Your user rights will be made available within 10~15 minutes and the system will send you a “User Rights Authorization Email.”
.Users are given a maximum of 7 days to make the ATM transfer payment. After 7 days the transfer account number will be automatically invalidated. If you wish to buy any products please go to the website and submit a new order.

Invoice problems
What do I do if I do not receive a receipt?
.A MuseSurvey receipt is sent on the ninth days after an order is completed. If you have not received the receipt within 10 working days after the ninth day please click “Contact Us” in the lower left part of the homepage and ask for more information. If it is discovered that the receipt has not been sent then the company will do so immediately. However, if the receipt has been sent but not received, the company is unable to rewrite the receipt. Instead we will send a copy of the original stamped with the same seal.

If the details on the receipt are wrong how do I change them?
.If the receipt you receive contains an error please click “Contact Us” and return it together with the correct information by registered mail before the fifth day of the following month. On receiving the receipt the company will make the necessary corrections and send you a new receipt. Any receipts received after this date will not be processed.

To apply for a refund you must meet the following conditions:
.After upgrading to MuseSurvey paying member status you must click “Contact Us” in the bottom part of the homepage within 7 days of your account or services being activated (not including the day on which it is activated). Customer service personnel will instruct you on how to terminate the contract and refund your money within 10 days.
.Anyone who does not meet the above conditions, regardless of stated reason, does not qualify for a refund.
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